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May 2, 2023
Crete Senesi Ultra Marathon - 5 May 2024
Running in a landscape that the whole world envies us, the Crete Senesi countryside. A dream that could come true, discover all the details on the First Edition of the Crete Senesi Ultra Marathon, scheduled in 5 May 2024.
Rapolano Terme will host the start and finish of our event in which the great protagonist will be the territory, the Crete Senesi.
A totally new route winding through the most beautiful countryside in the green heart of Tuscany.
50, 30 or 15 km, choose the distance over which to put yourself to the test! 
The organisation has set up an EXPO exhibition area, at the Parco dell'Acqua in Rapolano Terme, reserved for technical companies in the sports sector and local companies where food, wine, handicrafts and other specialities will be on offer.
The EXPO 2024 of the Crete Senesi Ultra Marathon was born from the idea of enhancing the territory of the province of Siena, rich in environmental, cultural, and thermal routes, with many catering activities and farms (wine, oil, cheese, and many other products) to discover the healthy flavours of Tuscan cuisine.
May 2, 2023

Flag throwers, drummers, guards, food, wine and much more to immerse yourself in an evocative medieval atmosphere. Have we piqued your interest? Book now at one of our partner accommodations to not miss out on this magical experience!

Serremaggio is a Medieval historical re-enactment that has taken place in Serre di Rapolano since 1994. It is the feast of Ciambragina, wife of Giovanni de Rossi, a wealthy Sienese merchant in the second half of the 14th century. He met a beautiful girl in Cambrai in France, fell in love with her, married her and brought her to Siena, where she was called Ciambragina. When he heard that the Cacciaconti, the powerful local feudal lords in inevitable decline, were planning to sell their keep, the wealthy merchant bought it: rich as it was with cellars, storerooms, stables, kitchens, armoury rooms, large dining rooms and painted rooms, it seemed to him the ideal place to make his Ciambragina's palace as well as the workshop of his art. The young couple's happiness was short-lived. Giovanni de'Rossi, in fact, died suddenly in Naples during a trip undertaken because of his trafficking' Ciambragina thus remained lady of the keep and was lady of the Serre for about thirty years, until, at the beginning of the 15th century, her son Ugo Giovanni rebelled against the Sienese, who, after dramatic events, destroyed our keep.



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